I am Worthy


“I can’t ask that!” “We can’t say that!” “They’ll never tell us that.”  We’ve heard it all. So many salespeople & sales leaders convince themselves of all the things they “can’t” do during their interactions with prospects & customers. All the things they can’t ask. All the things they can’t say. And it works. They never ask. They never say. And they never learn. . . missing out on valuable information that will help them win business.

It’s time to turn the table. Let’s change our belief system. What would happen if instead of thinking we can’t ask or do something, we told ourselves we could?

In sales, there are many things you are “worthy” of – or you have rights to. Information, knowledge, etc. Your prospects & customers may not always feel this way (& may not always tell you) but when it is all said & done you are worthy – you have rights.  Think of the strong working relationships you have with some of your best customers (good partnerships). What is it that you have with these people in these accounts that you don’t have in other accounts? 

Good chance it’s the relationship. A relationship that is mutually beneficial. Mutually beneficial because you solve their problems. You solve their problems because you know their problems. You know because you asked – & learned.

Let’s list some critical items you are “worthy” of knowing in sales (you have the right know):

I am worthy of knowing:

  1. What my prospects or customers main issues/problems are (their PAIN)
  2. What they have done to “fix” that problem
  3. How much that problem is costing them (or will continue to cost them)
  4. All the people involved in making decisions to by your product/service & how they make those decisions
  5. How much money has been budgeted (or the target price for your solution)
  6. Who is the current incumbent supplier
  7. How much they currently pay for the incumbents’ (your competitor) product/service
  8. What is the next project they are working on (that you can help them with)
  9. Who else they are looking at (other companies competing for your deal)
  10. When they will make their decision to buy

The moment you stop believing you are worthy is the moment you become less effective in sales.   

Remember this: I HAVE RIGHTS!  

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