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33 years in sales, sales managment, & sales training. And counting.

Dave Tear, owner of Sales Coaches’ Corner, has been in the sales, sales management & sales training arena for the past 33 years. His passion for selling & helping others understand the sales process is unmatched.


Dave brings energy to the sales training environment that is contagious. He captures people’s attention – & keeps it! Paying attention & “staying awake” are not issues when Dave is facilitating a training session. He uses “sticky messages” & believes that if you aren’t laughing you aren’t learning.

How can Dave help your team?

With 33 years of sales experience under his belt in every role from individual contributor to sales management and sales coach, he's got the skills to help you close more deals. Put that in your pipeline and close it.

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What People Are Saying

Josh Linkner


Dave Tear is the ultimate sales coach. Every olympic athlete has a coach, and someone who is serious about their sales career needs one as well. Dave understands the sales game better than anyone, and will help you increase your performance and efficiency. Highly recommend for anyone who is looking to take their sales efforts to the next level.

Scott Van Hoven

RJG, Inc.

Sales Coaches’ Corner has given our company a systematic way for qualifying customers and ensuring their success across all aspects of our company. By training not only our sales staff, but also marketing and customer support we are all now on the same sheet of music. From our advertising to customer meetings our methods are the same. It is amazing the turnaround in our teams by having everyone pulling in the same direction. Dave’s energy and passion has made the message stick with our staff and we are seeing the rewards of that every day

Paul Chambers

CEO, Element5 Digital

If you're looking for someone to push a few pieces of paper in front of you, show you a fancy Powerpoint, and expect you to improve your sales potential, Sales Coaches' Corner is NOT the company for you. But, if you want to change the way you approach your clients, take control of the sales process, and improve the quality of business you bring in, Dave Tear and the Sales Coaches' Corner is the right choice.

Patricia Shall

Owner, Creative Benefits & Insurance Solutions

We chose SCC for many reasons. SCC was flexible and understanding of our needs. Other companies seemed to struggle in that area. SCC successfullly taught the CBIS Team very valuable sales techniques that we are utilizing to be more productive. These tools will be used for a lifetime and will increase each person's success in communicating, understanding and in making sales. Dave Tear made the training classes interesting and fun, so our Team was anxious for the next session.

Greg Hogsett

The Mardigian Agency Farm Bureau Insurance

A coach is someone who sees where you are and where you want to be, and helps you navigate the best way to get there. I appreciate how Dave Tear motivates me, pushes me, drags me kicking and screaming to get me to where I want to be in my sales career. I am absolutely thrilled with his creative tips and advice, and his “realness” in his coaching. I encourage anyone who is stuck, or just want to improve their sales career to give Dave a call.

Rich Ebersole

President, Outdoor Promotions

Outdoor Promotions has used Sales Coaches' Corner several times over the last few years. Most of our sales team are experienced and very knowledgeable about our industry so we needed someone that would give them a new approach to the sales process and someone who could make them take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. Dave Tear was the perfect solution. His high energy, passion and enthusiasm are without fail the best in the business. He is easy to work with and had no problem grasping the nuances of our industry and adapting his training to fit our needs. He helped us change our entire approach to the sales process and taught us how and when to “move on” from a prospect instead of wasting valuable time chasing them. And his follow-up and ongoing interaction with our salespeople helps us to continue to use what we learned instead of slipping back into old habits. I highly recommend Sales Coaches' Corner and Dave Tear.

The Sales Coaches "Chalk Talk"

Here's what Dave's thinking about. How can it help your sales team?

Why Do They String Us Along?

You’d have to search pretty hard to find anyone that has seen the movie Caddyshack that didn’t love it. It’s great. Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase, Ted Knight. Who can forget Judge Smails putting pressure on Danny to putt on the final hole? “Well, we’re waiting!” Pure Smails. This is going to hurt. Someone asked a …

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3 Ideas to Help you Stop Asking for Referrals & Start Asking for Introductions

Referral. The very word gives people an upset stomach. The thought of putting myself out there & the chance that something could go wrong… “Nope… I can’t think of anyone.” You’ve all been there. On both sides: As the consumer: A salesperson asks you for a referral, “Do you know anyone that I should talk …

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5 Ways to Ask the Budget Question in Sales

If you have been in sales for longer than a week you have been told, ”You have to uncover their budget.” Your director or manager has asked, “How much money are they willing to spend?” “What’s the budget?” “What’s their target price?” “How much money do they have?” Been there? Of course you have. Question …

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If They’re Not Talking, They’re Not Buying

The title says it all! In the field of communications, radio silence refers to a period or condition when radios are not transmitting.    In military operations, radio silence is usually a command issued from above, as out of fear that an enemy might intercept a signal. And maritime radio operators, for example, might follow a directive of radio …

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7 Things You Can Do to Become a Better Listener

Most people are just naturally poor listeners.  They are distracted, worried about what they are going to say or flat out bored.  Others (a select few), have perfected the knack of being attentive & actively participate in listening. You know who they are – they’re the ones you go to when you need to get …

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12 Things Superstar Salespeople Don’t Do

Salespeople (the remarkably successful ones) build mental toughness (mental muscles) the same way they build physical muscles – exercise. Good habits (like cardio & lifting weights) will help you grow stronger. But, giving up the bad habits (eating too much, sitting on the couch, etc.) is key if you really want to make progress. It only …

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