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Sales Training

Sales training is where the sales knowledge is transferred. But it’s not boring! Sales Coaches’ Corner offers high-impact, no-nonsense Sales Training. We teach a systematic way to stay in control of the selling process. We’re street smart. We’ve been there (we still are there). We get it. We like to say “We put Science to the Artful profession of selling”.


It’s a step-by-step process that can be followed. Our clients come with an open mind, check their egos at the door & partner with us to take their Sales Game to the next level. We use “sticky messages” & present material in a way that clients walk away from a training session able to implement what they have learned immediately. One session builds on the previous session. Yes, the “real learning” & ultimate growth happens over time by reinforcing material, practicing (role-playing), meeting & calling for “Help Desk style sales coaching.

What can your sales team expect from sales training?

We know that “motivation” doesn’t work for long periods of time but there won’t be a session that you leave where you & your sales team don’t feel pumped up & energized to sell.


For corporations and small businesses. On-site or off-site, you decide.


Get more out of your team & watch your revenue grow.


The stronger the team, the more money you make. Off site, on-site, or retreats. Up to you.

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Get more mileage out of the time you spend together each month, week, or quarter.


SWOT & DISC analysis of your team as a whole and individuals who make it up.


Buyers and sellers each bring a mindframe to the table. Learn how to control yours & influence theirs.

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Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching is where it’s at! It’s where the selling skills are built. We coach a systematic way to stay in control of the selling process. Coaching is where it all comes together! One-on-one or in a group our clients ask questions that won’t come in a training session. We dig deeper into specific selling challenges that don’t necessarily pertain to the larger group.


Have you ever called a “Help Desk” with a question? Same concept. Our clients have 24/7 access to our Sales Coaches to ask questions, develop strategies & talk things over. Often this is done in preparation for a big sales call. At times it’s after an important sales call – planning for what happens next.

What can your sales team expect from sales coaching?

Look to us in a similar manner that you would use a “personal trainer” at the gym. It’s not easy, we’re tough – it has to be that way if you want it to work!


For groups & individuals. Techniques for handling the telephone, rejection, and more.


I can't be with you always, so I'll teach you how to get the most out of your team.

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How you prepare influences how you play. I'll help you prep well.


Pro athletes watch game tape to get better. With me, so will you.


Stay committed. Celebrate wins. Learn from mistakes. Together, we got this.

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