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People buy from people they are comfortable with

By Dave Tear | September 25, 2023

Our Job in Sales: To Help Our Prospects & Customers be Comfortable With Us We say it often; People buy from people they are comfortable with. It’s pretty hard to argue that. I’m sure we’ve all bought something from someone we weren’t completely comfortable with. Maybe they had it & we needed it – immediately. […]

You Can’t Coach Heart

By Dave Tear | September 11, 2023

It’s here! Football season. We’re in week #3 of NCAA action & last night finished up week #1 of NFL play. A great time of year. My favorite is NCAA. ESPN’s College Game Day, Saturday afternoon games, Top 25 showdowns, tailgate parties, the UM/MSU rivalry & consequential “trash-talking” – it’s all fantastic! Is there anything […]

8 Ways to Stand Out & be Compelling

By Dave Tear | August 28, 2023

Charisma is hard to define – but when someone has it, it’s obvious. Charismatic salespeople have a huge advantage over their competition. Prospects are far more likely to engage with them, respect their guidance & listen to them.  One of the easiest ways to stand out & be more charismatic is to change your vocabulary. […]

7 Ways to Improve Self Discipline

By Dave Tear | August 14, 2023

It’s not easy. Becoming a master of self-discipline is tough. The good news is that although it sometimes seems as if you have no control when it comes to certain aspects of your life, really you do. You just might not know it yet.Self-discipline is one of those things that requires ongoing work. Ongoing practice. […]

Enjoy the Silence

By Dave Tear | July 31, 2023

Most Salespeople Talk Too Much Say what you want about Synth-Pop band Depeche Mode. One thing they did do is completely NAIL IT with the song Enjoy the Silence (1990). The song is clearly about being in a relationship where thoughts & feelings are all that matter. It states many times that words are unnecessary […]

4 Rules for Ride or Virtual Join Alongs

By Dave Tear | July 17, 2023

Do you ever wonder why certain salespeople always seem to fall into the same traps (selling on price, not knowing next steps, working with a lower-level non-decision maker, the prospect controlling everything, etc.)? It happens every day. There is a good chance that if you were to ask the salesperson how the meeting went, she […]

8 Keys for Successfully Selling on Value, Not Price

By Dave Tear | July 4, 2023

One of the most common questions sales coaches are asked is how to grow sales & sell on value when it appears that the only thing that matters is a low price. As a salesperson, your success depends on your ability to help your prospect see the value your product or service provides & see […]

5 Reasons You Are Not Dealing with Objections Properly

By Dave Tear | June 19, 2023

Almost every prospect has objections – & most have several. It’s difficult enough to change someone’s mind when money isn’t on the table, so doing so when the outcome has a financial impact is really tough. If you’re not a skilled objection-handler, your ability to move deals across the goal line pays the price. You […]

Top 10 Time-Wasters for Salespeople

By Dave Tear | June 5, 2023

Wasting time. We all do it. You & I both. The key is to limit it as much as possible. So, we need to know what is wasting our time. What are we doing instead of getting work done? After all, we don’t punch a clock (most of us). No Time Waster Solution 10. Lack […]

Read the Room: Head on a Swivel

By Dave Tear | May 22, 2023

Read the room. Self-explanatory (for some people). Pick up on the subtle, nonverbal cues of a group of people. Done properly, you become good at noticing & responding to the smallest of all cues & reactions. These might include body language, minute facial expressions & context clues. Makes sense – unless you have no clue […]