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Get Out There & See Your Prospects & Customers

By Dave Tear | June 19, 2024

We used to Coach our clients to get out of the office & see prospects &/or customers. In the last 4 years we’ve been known to tell them to get out of the house.  Imagine how that has gone over: The office is cozy. The house is even cozier. Why would anyone want to leave?  […]

Get to Reality Quickly!

By Dave Tear | June 4, 2024

In sales, there is no better advice than to get on with it (or get off of it) as soon as possible. How much time do you spend on opportunities that never pan out? How much time & how many brain cells get toasted spent hoping a deal comes through. How many real opportunities get […]

Rejection in Sales: Goes with the Territory

By Dave Tear | May 17, 2024

Did you know that by the time you were 6 years old you heard, saw &/or lived through 1,000,000 impressions of rejection. 1,000,000 impressions of the word NO. That’s six zeros! You did. Did you also know that 74.3% of all statistics are made up on the spot? Mom, can we go to McDonalds? NO. […]

The “Real Lessons” in These Sales Movies

By Dave Tear | May 3, 2024

A couple of classics, no doubt! Tommy Boy, the all-out goofy comedy, keeps you laughing from start to finish (what movie starring Chris Farley doesn’t?) Glengarry Glen Ross takes you on a different kind of ride. Star-studded for sure, this dark drama draws you in & has you feeling for all of the characters in […]

I HATE Prospecting!

By Dave Tear | April 22, 2024

If someone told you your job was to call or email people who you don’t know… that didn’t want to talk to you … about something they didn’t want to buy … how quickly would you sign up? Nobody would be dumb enough to sign up for that. It’s ridiculous. Most would rather poke their […]

green led poster that says "OPEN"

Got a Closing Problem? Doubt it. Look at your Opening

By Dave Tear | April 9, 2024

As a sales coach you can imagine the number of times we hear a VP of Sales say, “We need help closing more business.” Or a Director of Sales asks, “Can you help us with our closing?”  It’s common. In the words of Arnold in Kindergarten Cop, “IT’S NOT A CLOSING PROBLEM!” After spending a […]

Selling is NOT…

By Dave Tear | March 26, 2024

There are plenty of books & blogs & websites & white papers out there that will attempt to tell you what selling is – & how to do it. Selling is solving. Selling is asking. Selling is listening. Selling is service. We get it, selling is a lot of things. We understand that selling is […]

No Begging in Sales

By Dave Tear | March 12, 2024

Are You “Begging” for Sales Appointments? No Wonder they Cancel (if they do invite you in) Ok, begging may be a strong word. There’s no crying in baseball & there’s no begging in sales. But YOU ALL know what we mean when we say begging – especially for sales appointments. These would fall into the […]

How Competitive are You?

By Dave Tear | February 28, 2024

A little competition never hurt anyone. A lot of competition helps salespeople enormously! The best thing about a superstar salesperson? Her competitive spirit. She loves to win. But, more importantly, she hates to lose. Can’t stand it! Competitiveness is a top 3 quality for salespeople. Show us somebody that abhors losing a game of cards, […]

How Many Touches to Get an Appointment? How Many to Make the Sale?

By Dave Tear | February 14, 2024

Had a client ask me the latest stats on how many “touches” it takes to make a sale in 2024.   We’ll answer this one but allow us to turn it into 2 questions:  Bear with me on the answer . . . so many “addendums” to the answer  According to the RAIN group the simple […]