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Those Two Dirty Words

How many times have you said to yourself, “I need more time”, “There’s just not enough time in the day”, “I don’t have time to hunt for new business”? How many times has your manager or director come down on you because you were late on delivering a project, report, or anything else she asked …

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We all have that perfect salesperson in our company. “That guy”. The guy that never makes a mistake. Always does things right. His customers love him. He’s the greatest salesperson in the world (just ask him). He closes just about everything he touches. And when he doesn’t, it’s never his fault. Let’s call this guy …

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Hand of player chess board game putting white pawn

Amateur or Pro?

There’s not a salesperson or sales manager reading this blog that will ever admit that they give the impression that they are an amateur in sales, as opposed to a professional salesperson. Not a chance. But some of you do. Amateur: a person who goes from place to place hoping to make a sale. Professional …

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Email: The Easy Way Out!

A very quick read. Let’s paint a picture. A juicy deal is pending – a really nice one. We’ll call it ACME Company & your contact is Ralph. You have lots to do (you always have lots to do). A few balls are up in the air & you feel like the world’s best (or …

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Virtual Selling is Here to Stay?

Hmm, the Hard Part of Selling Has Always Been Virtual! Can you stand all the hype around virtual selling these days? Do you need one more Sales Trainer or Coach promising to help you & your Sales Team improve your virtual selling skills? People are working from home so we can’t go & see them. …

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I HATE Prospecting!

If someone told you your job was to call or email people who you don’t know… that didn’t want to talk to you … about something they didn’t want to buy … how quickly would you sign up? Nobody would be dumb enough to sign up for that. It’s ridiculous. Most would rather poke their …

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In Sales, Throw ‘em a Change Up

It happened! The short MLB season has started. Seems like a good day to talk about the change-up. Prospects are always waiting to crush your sales pitch – so don’t give them one. Change it up. Every sales call you go on can actually be an ambush in disguise. Current clients & prospects that you visit know …

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Stop Trying to Sell Tums to People without Heartburn

Yes, the title sounds silly. It certainly won’t make sense until you’ve read the entire blog – so, looks like we’ve got you hooked. Let’s set the stage: Kevin the Salesperson has a giant bowl filled with every flavor of Tums ever invented (all in individually wrapped packages). He’s in a large room filled with …

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People Buy from People they are Comfortable With

A common thing to say in sales is, “People buy from people they like.” True. Another over-used phrase: “People buy from people they trust.” Can’t argue that. Like & trust are important things to strive for in sales. Good end game goals. But you don’t start there. You start by helping people become comfortable with …

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