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The Twelve Days of Selling

By Dave Tear | December 16, 2022

Props, again, to Christy Seitz for this idea – The Twelve Days of Selling. Thank Christy for this one if you like it. If not… it’s all on me. On the first day of Christmas, my sales coach said to me get to reality. On the second day of Christmas, my sales coach said to […]


By Dave Tear | December 12, 2022

Let’s talk referrals! Better yet . . . pre-qualified introductions, where folks are expecting your call. People that are expecting to talk to you, because they want to & because you’ve been introduced by a mutual contact, are easier to sell. Period. When it comes to the general topic of referrals, most salespeople don’t ask. I’ve […]

It’s the Holidays, I’m a Salesperson… Nobody Wants to Hear from Me.  

By Dave Tear | December 5, 2022

5 Reasons That is Total B.S.! What would the holiday season be without the “It’s the Holidays blog…? It’s that time of year. Time for a reality check. How many salespeople do you know that go on cruise control between Thanksgiving & New Year’s Day? How many companies do you know that will actually admit […]

Price Increases

By Dave Tear | November 29, 2022

Let’s talk price increases Communicating price increases to your clients and customers. Prices are going up everywhere and have been for quite some time. I’ve got a number of clients that are on their third, fourth or fifth round of price increases since the pandemic

Motivation: Don’t Wait for your Boss to Do It

By Dave Tear | November 21, 2022

Could Zig Ziglar have said it any better? Not a chance. He nailed it with this one. Maybe he could have said “showering” instead of bathing (who takes baths anymore)? Still a great quote. Daily. Key word there. Motivation is a daily chore. Like house chores. Take a day off from motivation & your house […]

Professional Selling is a Lifestyle

By Dave Tear | November 7, 2022

How many times have you had to take an important call from a customer during dinner? What are the chances that you would reply to an email or twelve at 11:30 at night? Have you ever stopped what you were doing (getting the stink-eye from your spouse) to reply to a client on the weekend? […]

8 Characteristics your Boss Wants to See in Salespeople

By Dave Tear | October 24, 2022

A life-long study of sales, selling, salespeople & anything related to the wonderful world of helping people make decisions has been a blast! As you might expect we run into quite a few sales organizations. A few things are constant among most of these organizations. There are some common characteristics that sales leaders look for […]

Prospecting? Why we talkin’ ‘bout prospecting?

By Dave Tear | October 11, 2022

Some of you will remember this . . . some of you won’t. It was a while ago. The Alan Iverson rant (May 7, 2002) after the Celtics bounced the 76ers from the 1st round of the playoffs. He said the word “practice” 24 ½ times in a 2-minute span. It made Press Conference History. […]

Phone calls, voicemail messages, emails – you need to cut through the clutter!

By Dave Tear | September 28, 2022

Has selling changed in the last few years? Yes! No question about it. Are prospects & customers getting smarter about your products & services? Likely. Is competition as fierce as it has ever been? Good chance. Are prospects harder to contact? DEFINITELY! When the COVID Pandemic started my clients would tell me, “Coach, nobody is […]

It’s almost ALL MENTAL!

By Dave Tear | September 12, 2022

Yogi Berra is known for whacky sayings & quotes that make you say, huh? He had a lot of them. His best? Hands down it has to be, Baseball is 90% mental, & the other half is physical. What’s so great about that quote? It applies to EVERYTHING! It applies to every sport from baseball […]