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8 Keys for Successfully Selling on Value, Not Price

By Dave Tear | July 4, 2023

One of the most common questions sales coaches are asked is how to grow sales & sell on value when it appears that the only thing that matters is a low price. As a salesperson, your success depends on your ability to help your prospect see the value your product or service provides & see […]

5 Reasons You Are Not Dealing with Objections Properly

By Dave Tear | June 19, 2023

Almost every prospect has objections – & most have several. It’s difficult enough to change someone’s mind when money isn’t on the table, so doing so when the outcome has a financial impact is really tough. If you’re not a skilled objection-handler, your ability to move deals across the goal line pays the price. You […]

Top 10 Time-Wasters for Salespeople

By Dave Tear | June 5, 2023

Wasting time. We all do it. You & I both. The key is to limit it as much as possible. So, we need to know what is wasting our time. What are we doing instead of getting work done? After all, we don’t punch a clock (most of us). No Time Waster Solution 10. Lack […]

Read the Room: Head on a Swivel

By Dave Tear | May 22, 2023

Read the room. Self-explanatory (for some people). Pick up on the subtle, nonverbal cues of a group of people. Done properly, you become good at noticing & responding to the smallest of all cues & reactions. These might include body language, minute facial expressions & context clues. Makes sense – unless you have no clue […]

Fact is: Selling is Hard. PERIOD!

By Dave Tear | May 8, 2023

Raise your hand if you got into sales for the freedom. For the money. Because of your personality. Or, like most of us,because you fell into it, “just because.” That’s OK. Just means we’re all normal. Keep your hand up if after all these years, months or weeks you have realized that selling is hard. […]

8 Time Management Tips

By Dave Tear | April 25, 2023

Want to know the excuse your leader or boss hates the most? “I didn’t have enough time to get it done!” It doesn’t matter what company you work for. Self-employed. Small company. Or large corporate environment. You MUST know your own capacity to get work done – a mission-critical skill in 2023. If you don’t […]

Why? “For the Money”

By Dave Tear | April 10, 2023

One of the most important things we do (as Sales Trainers & Coaches) is to determine what motivates our clients. Sometimes that’s easy to do – other times, not so much. The question is an easy one to ask: “Why are you in sales?” The hard part (for some salespeople) are the answers we have […]

Are you a Sales Manager or a Sales Leader?

By Dave Tear | March 27, 2023

Everywhere you turn there is an article on leadership. Not a day goes by that you can’t find a blog or white paper oneffective management strategies. A cluttered space to say the least. At the risk of adding to this already-cluttered-space here’s a hard look at the difference between people that just have the job […]

Rest on Your Laurels? Not in 2023

By Dave Tear | March 13, 2023

When things are going well. Your clients & customers are happy, everything is on auto pilot, that’s great. The salehas been made & the orders are coming in. Ahhh, time to relax, right? If only it were that easy. In the sales world, it’s never that easy – never time to relax. Matter of fact, […]

Virtual Selling is Still Here to Stay
Hmmm, the Hard Part of Selling Has Always Been Virtual!

By Dave Tear | February 27, 2023

Can you stand all the hype around virtual selling these days? Do you need one more Sales Trainer or Coachpromising to help you & your Sales Team improve your virtual selling skills? People are working from home so we can’t go & see them. “We need to sell virtually.””How do we get better atvirtual selling?”“Let’s […]