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Delivering Bad News: Address the real problem

By Dave Tear | February 14, 2022

Delivering Bad News: Address the real problem Regardless of the account, the people or the solution, our job in Sales often involves giving prospects bad news. Not only that, we sometimes do this after our competitors have already given them bad news. To make things even worse, there are times when the bad news we […]

Are You a Risk Taker

By Dave Tear | January 31, 2022

Are You a Risk Taker? Most people in our lives are not comfortable with risk-taking. To them it’s too . . . RISKY. Buy why?    Why Aren’t People Comfortable with Risk-Taking? People fear the unknown  People fear failure Life is easy when we play it lightly. It’s easy to do what everyone else does. […]

Not Another Negotiation!

By Dave Tear | January 17, 2022

Negotiation. One of the worst occupational hazards of the sales profession. It’s not fun. Nobody ever looks forward to it. We want it to end up a win-win for both sides (but does it ever really turn out that way?). It’s inevitable. Inevitable? Does it have to be? Hmm. Hear me out. If a sale […]

Goodbye Old Year

By Dave Tear | January 3, 2022

Goodbye 2021 This is no Happy New Year blog. Not gonna do it. Too many of those floating around social media this week.  This is a Goodbye Old Year blog. Let’s say Goodbye to all the crap that got in your way in 2021. You know, all the B.S. that kept you from reaching your […]

The Twelve Days of Selling

By Dave Tear | December 20, 2021

Props, again, to Christy Seitz for this idea – The Twelve Days of Selling. Thank Christy for this one if you like it. If not… it’s all on me. On the first day of Christmas, my sales coach said to me get to reality. On the second day of Christmas, my sales coach said to […]

It’s the Holidays

By Dave Tear | December 6, 2021

It’s the Holidays, I’m a Salesperson… Nobody Wants to Hear from Me.   5 Reasons That is Total B.S.! What would the holiday season be without the “It’s the Holidays blog…? It’s that time of year. Time for a reality check.  How many salespeople do you know that go on cruise control between Thanksgiving & […]

Thank Your Customers

By Dave Tear | November 22, 2021

When Was the Last Time You Thanked Your Customers? On Thursday, many families (that couldn’t get together last year, for obvious reasons) will go one-by-one around the dinner table & announce one thing they are thankful for. Feel good moments, for sure. My favorite is when one of the younger nieces or nephews, not comfortable […]

Our Business is Different

By Dave Tear | November 8, 2021

7 Examples of how Your Business is No Different Than All the Others “You don’t understand, Dave, our business is different.”  If I had a nickel for every time I heard that over the last 30 years, I’d have a stack of nickels this high! (it’s a pretty high stack). Nineteen out of twenty times […]

Interested, Curious & Wondering Ain’t Buying Signals

By Dave Tear | October 25, 2021

Can you remember, back in the early days of your selling career, when you would get excited because you found someone that was interested in talking to you about your product or service? Be honest. Have you ever gotten that feeling in your stomach when someone was curious to learn what you do? OK, have […]

One Last Shot

By Dave Tear | October 11, 2021

We’ve all been there. Glued to the TV. It’s 4th down with .03 seconds to play in the 4th quarter. Your favorite team is down by 4 or 5 points & has the ball on their own 35-yard line. Time for one more play. Yes, a pass. The HAIL MARY. Sometimes it works. Sometimes, not […]