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Wishy-Washy Words Don’t Take You to the Bank

By Dave Tear | April 13, 2021

When was the last time your prospect said, “We’ll probably go with you”?  How many times have you heard, “There is a good possibility we will give you the business”? Ever hear, “Your solution looks good”?  Things like this sound pretty good, right?  Frank the fictitious salesperson hears this & runs back to his office […]


4 Signs You’re Taking Short-cuts in Sales

By Dave Tear | March 30, 2021

The best thing about a superstar salesperson? Her competitive spirit. She loves to win. But, more importantly, she hates to lose. Can’t stand it! We love competitiveness. A top 3 quality for sales studs & studettes. Show us somebody that abhors losing a game of cards, a game of racquetball, a game of corn-hole (or a […]

Why do you Believe the Baloney?

By Dave Tear | March 15, 2021

There are not many things out there that apply 100% to every person you know. Here’s one: Nobody likes to be lied to. Period. Not one single person. It is a disgusting feeling. Do you know anyone that likes to be lied to? Didn’t think so. We (as people & as salespeople) want to be […]

Participate in Sales Role Plays? I’d Rather Poke My Own Eyes Out!

By Dave Tear | March 3, 2021

If you have ever been a part of a Role-Playing session with a sales organization, you’d agree that it’s no place for a nervous person. Are the participants excited to do it? Nope. Is it awkward at times? Yep. Are most people dying to get it over with? Oh, hell yes! Does it help them? […]

Salespeople, You Do Not Need the Lowest Price to Make Sales!

By Dave Tear | February 15, 2021

Said it. Got that out of the way. Want to read it again? You do not need the lowest price to make sales! The best part about this claim? Most all of you know it’s true. Most all of you have made sales within the last 18 to 24 months where you know for sure […]

How was 2020? You Only Have Yourself to Thank . . . or Blame

By Dave Tear | February 1, 2021

Please understand that the author completely understands the problems that 2020 brought some of us. The COVID-19 pandemic created & continues to create challenges for some companies that trickle right down to their sales teams. This is not lost on the author. Sales. How can you not love sales? One of very few professions where […]

Are You the Best?

By Dave Tear | January 11, 2021

A great question to ask yourself: If I am not the best thing my prospects & customers have ever seen then why do they need me? Fact is, they don’t. In January of 2021 (right now) your products & services are better than ever. Technology is faster than ever. Quality is top-notch. Engineers are smarter […]

It’s 2021. What’s Gonna Change?

By Dave Tear | January 4, 2021

OK, we’re 5 days into 2021. You’ll settle in within the week. You’ll start grinding. In a few days it’ll be “business as usual”. Here are 3 questions for you:  How “usual” will things be this year?  Better yet, what’s going to be different this year – what will you change?  More specifically: What will […]

The Twelve Days of Selling

By Dave Tear | December 22, 2020

Props, again, to Christy Seitz for this idea – The Twelve Days of Selling. Thank Christy for this one if you like it. If not… it’s all on me. On the first day of Christmas, my sales coach said to me get to reality. On the second day of Christmas, my sales coach said to […]

It’s the Holidays, I’m a Salesperson… Nobody Wants to Hear From Me.

By Dave Tear | December 7, 2020

What would the holiday season be without the “It’s the Holidays blog…? It’s that time of year. Time for a reality check.  How many salespeople do you know that go on cruise control between Thanksgiving & New Year’s Day? How many companies do you know that will actually admit to winding things down right about […]