Enjoy the Silence

Most Salespeople Talk Too Much

Most Salespeople Talk Too Much

Say what you want about Synth-Pop band Depeche Mode. One thing they did do is completely NAIL IT with the song Enjoy the Silence (1990).

The song is clearly about being in a relationship where thoughts & feelings are all that matter. It states many times that words are unnecessary & can even be harmful.

If that does not directly correlate to sales than I don’t know what does.

Most people reading this are either salespeople or sales leaders (both groups are the coolest people on earth, by the way). Let’s face it, even the most grounded of all salespeople & sales leader that oozes E.Q. probably won’t admit that they talk too much – unless you do (hats off to you).

No question about it – most salespeople talk too much. Way too much. You know them. You have been “pitched” by them. You have had your ear monopolized by them (sometimes until it bleeds). Sad, if you think about it.

Let’s do a corny breakdown of the two strongest lines in that song – as they relate to sales:

  1. “Words are very unnecessary; they can only do harm.”
    Ain’t that the truth? When was the last time you caught yourself talking too much on a sales call. You knew you were doing it, but you couldn’t stop. For some reason you had to get your point across. You had to let your prospect know how smart you were. You had to let your prospect know how great your product/service was. You had to extoll the virtues of everything you identify with as a person. We say it often, you had to educate them (perhaps just enough to buy from your competition – with your idea). You had to impress them.


    Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. What were they thinking? That’s what they all say. Does this person ever shut up? How does this guy make a living? There is no way it can be that good. How do I get her to stop? Heard the same thing from the last salesperson. When will this ever end?

  2. “Words are meaningless & forgettable.”
    If you’re the one talking, there is a good chance you are “educating” your prospect. Telling them everything you know. What your product does, how it works, what they should expect, when they can get it, how much it costs, who else is using it, the warranty, the supply chain, delivery dates, transportation. And on & on & on . . . it’s exhausting.

    You must understand that your competitors are saying EXACTLY THE SAME THING. Word for word. When 2 or 3 or 4 companies say EXACTLY THE SAME THING there is no way for a prospect to distinguish the best value. No way to determine what is really “worth it.” So, you are reduced to a commodity. After all, why would someone pay you 12 when they can get it somewhere else for 11? When you are all singing from the same sheet of music there is no value.

    Talk about meaningless & forgettable!

    What’s the solution to all of this? You know the solution. Know your prospects problem(s). Talk about them. Know where you add value. Ask questions. Ask more questions. Separate yourself from your competition. Prove to your prospect that you “get them”- understand what they are going through. You need to be the best thing your prospects have ever seen, or they don’t need you.

Enjoy the silence.

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