The rules have changed in sales

The rules have changed for Salespeople!

Prospects are more educated than they have ever been before. Companies are under more pressure to cut costs than they ever were before. Companies have more over- seas options than they ever had before. Competition is tougher than it has ever been before. What’s it all mean? It means that salespeople had better be stronger than they have ever been before.

Now, more than ever, it is mission critical that salespeople do the prospecting activities that will put them in a position to succeed. Now, more than ever it is imperative that salespeople qualify &/or dis-qualify prospects in an effort to maximize their precious time. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that salespeople stop DUMPING information on prospects & CHASING them for a decision. Now, more than ever, it is paramount that salespeople utilize a Game Plan when approaching prospects (because we all know that prospects utilize a great strategy on their own).

In September of 2012 companies have options. Unless you are the only game in town your prospects have options. Ask yourselves… Why should a prospect buy from me? What’s our unique selling proposition? Where do we add value? What are they getting when they buy from me? If you aren’t pointing your finger right between your own eyes you should be concerned. And for this to be the case you need to be the best salesperson they have ever seen – otherwise why do they need you? They rules have changed – problem is some of the salespeople out there continue to do the same things over & over & expect a different result. INSANE!

The rules have changed. Ask yourself… Am I getting stronger in my selling profession? Am I getting valuable experience & growing from it? Am I the best salesperson my prospects &/or clients have ever seen? Well… are you?

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