You Can’t Coach Heart

You Can't

It’s here! Football season. We’re in week #3 of NCAA action & last night finished up week #1 of NFL play. A great time of year. My favorite is NCAA. ESPN’s College Game Day, Saturday afternoon games, Top 25 showdowns, tailgate parties, the UM/MSU rivalry & consequential “trash-talking” – it’s all fantastic!

Is there anything better than highlight films from the day’s best plays? You’ve gotta love it. How about the way the announcers call the game? Some of you will remember Keith Jackson – one of the best! These days color commentator Kirk Herbstreit & analyst Lee Corso make Saturday’s special in many of our homes. Yes, you’re right – but Herbstreit went to Ohio State – doesn’t matter, he’s still good.

Invariably, there is a time in every game when Herbstreit gives commentary on a great play. A phenomenal catch, an incredible scramble by the QB, an amazing kick-off return, a crushing tackle or an acrobatic interception. What does he say as he explains these amazing feats? That kid is all heart – AND YOU CAN’T COACH HEART. Why does he say it? Because it’s true. According to the image above, Coach Stewart was the first to say it – but he won’t be the last

You can’t coach heart. In any profession. People either have it or they don’t. What we’re talking about is passion, commitment & desire. Salespeople either have these or they don’t. There are not many salespeople who will admit that they don’t have it. It’s a difficult exercise to look yourself in the mirror & evaluate such internal qualities as passion, commitment & desire. All to often people say they have it – but watch what they do & sometimes it’s a different movie.

You know when you are lacking either passion or commitment or desire – you know. Guess what? Your boss knows, too.  Let’s take a quick inventory:

  • How many of you sales pros say you have an undying commitment to hard-work yet keep the hours of a person with a J.O.B.? 9 to 5? Please…
  • When was the last time you answered your phone after 5:30 or 6 PM during the week?
  • When was the last time you returned a text or an email on the weekend?
  • When was the last time you stepped up & offered to help (i.e. volunteer for a less-than-glamourous project?)
  • How often do you drive right by a facility because, “they will never buy from us” OR “they have been with ABC forever – we can’t help them.”?
  • How often do you do admin. work (research, expense reports, quotes) on personal time – like evenings & weekends?
  • When was the last networking function you attended?
  • Are you known around the office for showing up late & leaving early? (be honest)
  • Why do you stay in the office where it’s “safe”? My favorite line from an old mentor” Last time I checked we don’t buy from ourselves – why so many internal meetings?
  • And finally, here’s one that just grinds me . . . when was the last time you turned your camera on during a virtual meeting? Is this the “only” indicator of heart? No. But, turn it on.

The question to ask yourself is, How bad do you want it? Sure, you may say you want it. You may say you want it really bad. Just make sure that what you say matches what you do. It’s an awkward position you put your boss in when you say one thing but actually do another.

What would Herbstreit say about you?

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