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8 Characteristics your Boss Wants to See in Salespeople

By Dave Tear | October 24, 2022

A life-long study of sales, selling, salespeople & anything related to the wonderful world of helping people make decisions has been a blast! As you might expect we run into quite a few sales organizations. A few things are constant among most of these organizations. There are some common characteristics that sales leaders look for […]

Prospecting? Why we talkin’ ‘bout prospecting?

By Dave Tear | October 11, 2022

Some of you will remember this . . . some of you won’t. It was a while ago. The Alan Iverson rant (May 7, 2002) after the Celtics bounced the 76ers from the 1st round of the playoffs. He said the word “practice” 24 ½ times in a 2-minute span. It made Press Conference History. […]

Phone calls, voicemail messages, emails – you need to cut through the clutter!

By Dave Tear | September 28, 2022

Has selling changed in the last few years? Yes! No question about it. Are prospects & customers getting smarter about your products & services? Likely. Is competition as fierce as it has ever been? Good chance. Are prospects harder to contact? DEFINITELY! When the COVID Pandemic started my clients would tell me, “Coach, nobody is […]

It’s almost ALL MENTAL!

By Dave Tear | September 12, 2022

Yogi Berra is known for whacky sayings & quotes that make you say, huh? He had a lot of them. His best? Hands down it has to be, Baseball is 90% mental, & the other half is physical. What’s so great about that quote? It applies to EVERYTHING! It applies to every sport from baseball […]

A Sales Organization’s Struggle: Hunting vs Farming

By Dave Tear | August 29, 2022

Does your business lend itself to customers consistently placing “orders”? Are you lucky enough to enjoy easy & automatic renewal of business? If so, stop reading.  Most salespeople have to endure a daunting balancing act – a balance between two activities: 1, the management of current accounts (farming) & 2, going out & finding new […]

4 Signs You’re Taking Shortcuts in Sales

By Dave Tear | August 15, 2022

The best thing about a superstar salesperson? Her competitive spirit. She loves to win. But, more importantly, she hates to lose. Can’t stand it! We love competitiveness. A top 3 quality for sales studs & studettes. Show us somebody that abhors losing a game of cards, a game of racquetball, a game of corn-hole (or […]

Why Do They String Us Along?

By Dave Tear | August 1, 2022

You’d have to search pretty hard to find anyone that has seen the movie Caddyshack that didn’t love it. It’s great. Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase, Ted Knight. Who can forget Judge Smails putting pressure on Danny to putt on the final hole? “Well, we’re waiting!” Pure Smails. This is going to hurt. Someone asked a […]

3 Ideas to Help you Stop Asking for Referrals & Start Asking for Introductions

By Dave Tear | July 15, 2022

Referral. The very word gives people an upset stomach. The thought of putting myself out there & the chance that something could go wrong… “Nope… I can’t think of anyone.” You’ve all been there. On both sides: As the consumer: A salesperson asks you for a referral, “Do you know anyone that I should talk […]

5 Ways to Ask the Budget Question in Sales

By Dave Tear | July 4, 2022

If you have been in sales for longer than a week you have been told, ”You have to uncover their budget.” Your director or manager has asked, “How much money are they willing to spend?” “What’s the budget?” “What’s their target price?” “How much money do they have?” Been there? Of course you have. Question […]

If They’re Not Talking, They’re Not Buying

By Dave Tear | June 24, 2022

The title says it all! In the field of communications, radio silence refers to a period or condition when radios are not transmitting.    In military operations, radio silence is usually a command issued from above, as out of fear that an enemy might intercept a signal. And maritime radio operators, for example, might follow a directive of radio […]