Top 10 Time-Wasters for Salespeople


Wasting time. We all do it. You & I both. The key is to limit it as much as possible. So, we need to know what is wasting our time. What are we doing instead of getting work done? After all, we don’t punch a clock (most of us).

NoTime WasterSolution
10.Lack of self-disciplineDetermine the consequences of failing
to hit your goals.  Keep goals visible.
9.Can’t say NOBe honest with yourself & others. Say, “No, but I can
later today. 3:00 OK?” Be jealous of your time.
8.Messy deskSet time aside every week to organize it. Daily/weekly.
Have others remind you – help you.
7.Unplanned meetingsHave agendas for ALL meetings – even on the spot
ones. Set time limits & stick to them. In office/Inperson meetings: Stand up so they stay brief!
6.Trying to do too muchLearn to prioritize & learn to say “NO” politely. It’ll
help you sell better too! (jealous of your time).
5.Failure to delegateDecide who’s in your “support network”. Delegate
“up,”“down” & “sideways.” Ask for help.
4.“Visitors” (or colleague calls)Ask them to come back or call back. In the office? Put
up a Do Not Disturb sign. A closed door works, too. It’s
business time not social time.
3.Failure to planDo a better job of setting goals. Be specific. Give
yourself time to plan. PUT ITEMS ON CALENDAR.
2.Managing crisisPlan more effectively. Anticipate problems. Learn
from mistakes.
1.Social media. Phone, email, InternetPlan specific time for all of these (off work hours)
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