What do you Think, True or False?


Let’s have some fun. We’ll make statements. Statements about things that happen to you often in sales. Reply to the statements with TRUE or FALSE.

Let’s see how you do.

  1. I must educate my prospects as much as possible                   
  2. I have to answer every question my prospect/customer asks
  3. If my prospect has an incumbent supplier, they’ll never switch to us      
  4. Prospects are always honest 
  5. Prospects that “think it over” will eventually buy from me   
  6. I can’t sell our products/services at these prices                 
  7. It’s OK if my prospect shops around                
  8. It’s hard to get to decision makers in my business       
  9. I must talk to prospects about our company (at length)           
  10. It’s not OK to confront a prospect  
  11. My prospect has all the power & is in charge
  12. I should spend a lot of time with prospects that don’t buy from me     
  13. I should tell my prospects how to reach a decision 
  14. It’s not necessary to talk to my prospects/customers about money    
  15. I have to give information to gatekeepers & non-decision makers
  16. It’s OK to talk bad about my competition to my prospects 
  17. If my prospect or customer wants a quote, I should give them one 
  18. I should start off by talking to buyers or purchasing agents                
  19. Nobody answers their phone anymore; I should only use email  
  20. Our customers buy on price – that’s the only important thing to them


Disagree? Call me, we’ll talk it out.

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