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Canned Sales Pitches are so 1970’s

By Dave Tear | February 9, 2016

It’s 2016. In sales, if you are not THE BEST thing your clients & prospects have ever seen then why do they need you? Truth is, they don’t. There is not a person with any buying power, decision making responsibility or authority that needs another “salesperson” in their life. Yet, some salespeople still think they […]

It’s 2016. What’s Going to be Different this Year?

By Dave Tear | January 19, 2016

We’re three weeks into 2016. You’ve had enough time to settle in. And you didn’t win the Powerball. Tough question: What’s going to be different this year? More specifically: What will you do this year to take your sales to the next level? If you’re satisfied, coasting, or as a friend of ours used to […]

It’s the Holidays, I’m a Salesperson… Nobody Wants to See Me. That’s a Bunch of Bull!

By Dave Tear | December 8, 2015

How many salespeople do you know that go on cruise control between Thanksgiving & New Year’s Day? How many companies do you know that actually admit to winding things down right about now? It happens every year. It’s really common. It’s an epidemic at some companies & an easy way out for many salespeople. Here’s […]

Why won’t they call me back? I’m starting to feel like a stalker!

By Dave Tear | November 24, 2015

Here’s the set up: You met with your prospect. Doesn’t matter how many times. You did your needs analysis. You developed the solution & it’s great. You deliver your quote or proposal. The next day you call to follow up. Voice mail. A few days later you send an email. No reply. In a couple […]

Serious Question Sales Pros: Would You Buy from You?

By Dave Tear | November 10, 2015

Might seem like an odd question to ask yourself: Would you buy from you? Yep, pretty odd. Most salespeople will answer (without thinking), “Of course I would.” “Why wouldn’t I?” “Sure would… I’m good… really good.” It’s natural. What salesperson, who makes her living selling, is going to admit that she wouldn’t even buy from […]

Prospecting? Why we talkin’ ‘bout prospecting?

By Dave Tear | October 27, 2015

Most of you will remember the Alan Iverson rant (May 7, 2002) after the Celtics bounced the 76ers from the 1st round of the playoffs. He said the word “practice” 24 ½ times in a 2 minute span. It made Press Conference History. To a hockey guy that was one of the funniest moments ever […]

You Can’t Coach Heart

By Dave Tear | September 15, 2015

It’s here! Football season. Last week the NCAA opened & this weekend, the NFL. A great time of year indeed. My favorite is NCAA. ESPN’s College Game Day, Saturday afternoon games, Top 25 showdowns, tailgate parties, the UM/MSU rivalry & consequential “trash-talking” – it’s all fantastic! Is there anything better than highlight films from the […]

Sales is NO PLACE for Shortcuts!

By Dave Tear | September 9, 2015

One of the most common characteristics of successful salespeople = impatience. Show me a patient salesperson & I’ll show you a salesperson with skinny kids! Most want to rush, get as much done as possible & move on to the next deal. Their mantra is more, more, more. Pretty normal. The great ones are decisive, […]

The “I’s” DO NOT Have It!

By Dave Tear | August 19, 2015

At golf league the other night one of the guys in my foursome (& no… don’t worry, he won’t be reading this blog) would not stop talking. He went on & on & on about guess what? You got it… every single golf shot he took. For the entire round. He helped to make 2 […]

I HATE Prospecting!

By Dave Tear | August 4, 2015

If someone told you your job was to call or email people who you don’t know… that didn’t want to talk to you … about something they didn’t want to buy … how quickly would you sign up? Nobody would be dumb enough to sign up for that. It’s ridiculous. I’d rather poke my eyes […]