Are You the Best?

Dec 24, 2019

A great question to ask yourself: If I am not the best thing my prospects & customers have ever seen, then why do they need me?  Fact is, they don’t.

We’re 8 days away from 202o. You know this: your products & services are better than ever. Technology is faster than ever. Quality is top-notch. Engineers are smarter & more talented than ever. Salespeople have to keep up with the herd. Are you?

Gone are the days when you can blame the customer. Trashing the competition is a thing of the past. Pointing fingers at your own company (production, engineering, etc.) will get you nowhere. It’s time to step up & be the best salesperson you can be. If you don’t, someone will. You know your best customers are your competitors #1 prospects, right? What are you doing about it?

You’ve got to be the best. If not, you will get run over!

Let’s identify a dozen ways we can show our prospects & customers we are the best thing they have ever seen:

  1. STOP waiting for someone else to do your job. Step up & engage.
  2. START being pro-active & bring solutions to your customers. If your customer is always the one identifying the problem, why does she need you?
  3. STOP making excuses for lack of results. Your manager doesn’t care why. Point the finger right between your eyes.
  4. START studying your industry. You should be an expert in your business, not just the person who says he is!
  5. STOP driving by facilities that use your products &/or services. Get out of the car & make things happen.
  6. START answering your phone after 5:30 PM & on the weekends (your competitors do).
  7. STOP sitting in the office & waiting for the phone to ring or an email to arrive.
  8. START getting curious & ask why or why not.
  9. STOP dishing out quotes & proposals to anyone that asks for one. Qualify those opportunities.
  10. START being anal-retentive in your follow-up. If you say it, do it – with cat-like quickness.
  11. STOP hoping that you get the deal. Set clear Ground Rules & manage expectations
  12. START being accountable to yourself & watch how much you grow.

Again, if you are not the best thing your prospects & customers have ever seen, then why do they need you?

They don’t.

Dave Tear