Canned Sales Pitches are so 1980’s

Feb 4, 2020

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It’s 2020. In sales, if you are not THE BEST thing your clients & prospects have ever seen then why do they need you? Truth is, they don’t. There is not a person with any buying power, decision making responsibility or authority that needs another “salesperson” in their life. Yet, some salespeople still think they are in the business of “pitching”.

Pitching went out with Al Bundy on Married With Children. Sorry youngsters, he’s the stereotypical obnoxious, narcissistic, fast-talking, over-promising & under-delivering turkey of a salesperson. He’s the guy that makes it hard for the rest of us to make a living in this profession. Ever hear someone say, “I hate salespeople!”?  It’s Al’s fault.

Selling (& fashion) has changed a lot since the ‘80s. For some people.

Facts are:

Need a few more reasons to ditch the canned pitch:

Where’s the value there?


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