Sometimes Selling Can Be Damn Scary!

Why did you get into sales? A lot of people say it’s because they like helping people. Or, they like people. Or they like the freedom. All valiant reasons. But, from where I sit, if “for the money” or “income potential” isn’t right up there, we should talk. For another conversation, though.

Did you ever imagine that a sales career would be such a scary proposition? For those who have never prospected for an appointment, called a stranger, or endured so much rejection must wonder, “How scary can sales be?” Try it for a week.

When we say scary, we’re not talking about the bone-chilling kind. Nobody screams at the top of their lungs in fear.

We’re talking about the 6 inches between the ears & the feeling in the pit your stomach when you must do something out of your comfort zone.

Scary, you say? Here are a few examples of what scares many salespeople:

  • For some salespeople, the very thought of a commissioned-based career is scary. They say things like, “I need the security” or “I have a family. I need to know what’s coming in every month”. That’s fine. There are many careers like that out there.
  • For other salespeople, the concept of talking to someone who doesn’t want to talk with you about something they don’t want to buy is scary. It’s called prospecting & many salespeople do it daily. Others don’t & yet they wonder why they aren’t earning a living.
  • Still, other salespeople can’t fathom having to ask someone for the sale. The thought of asking someone to buy is scary. Ask any real sales stud or studdette, don’t ask & lose out to the one that does.
  • There are career salespeople who think that asking for a referral is the scariest thing in the world. The fear of someone saying, “No, can’t think of anyone” is so strong they would rather make cold-calls (go figure).
  • Spend a few weeks in a Sales Coach’s shoes & you’ll learn that there are salespeople that are deathly afraid to ask people about their budgets (the money conversation). These salespeople have the skinniest kids.
  • Then, there are the salespeople that are completely freaked out at the idea of asking who the appropriate decision maker is. They don’t want to go over “Carl’s head” & aren’t suave enough to figure out another way.
  • Other salespeople are so afraid to dig deep & ask tough questions because they like to keep the conversation “high level”, saying things like, “I don’t want to upset her, she’s my prospect.” Good luck separating yourself from your high-level talking competitors. And you wonder why you are all reduced to a commodity.

A few examples of how scary the sales profession can be. Horror-filled terror? No. But, scary none-the-less for many people. After all, if it were easy wouldn’t your HR or Accounting departments do it?

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