Virtual Selling is Here to Stay?

Hmm, the Hard Part of Selling Has Always Been Virtual!

Can you stand all the hype around virtual selling these days? Do you need one more Sales Trainer or Coach promising to help you & your Sales Team improve your virtual selling skills?

People are working from home so we can’t go & see them. “We need to sell virtually.” ”How do we get better at virtual selling?” “Let’s schedule more Zoom meetings.”

It’s real, that’s for sure. The hype is real.

Well, we’ve got news for you. The hard part of selling has always been virtual. It’s called prospecting. Reaching out to people (phone, email or LinkedIn) all virtual. Sure, these people may not be in their offices. They’re working remotely. They probably are more distracted. But, so are you. So, get over it.

If you’ve been in the game at all this past decade or so you’ve been on a GoTo Meeting. You’ve done Zoom calls. Teams, too. Running a virtual meeting is not the problem. Scheduling one. That’s the problem.

So, let’s work on the real end of the problem.

“These people aren’t replying to my emails.” “Nobody’s returning my calls.” “They accept my LinkedIn connection, then nothing!”

Happening to you?

Ask yourself this question: Did I give them a reason to reply, respond or engage? Lot’s of time the answer is a gigantic NO. No reason to. You acted like every other person reaching out to them – me too at best. Most likely, just flat out boring!


Prospecting Voicemail messages

  • Stop giving people a reason to not return your call (don’t sound like a salesperson)
  • Keep your message short & get out of their voicemail
  • Leave your name & number s l o w l y & clearly
  • Hi, Tommy Tutone here, 2 4 8 – 8 6 7 – 5 3 0 9. Give me a quick call.
  • Be clear, direct & get out of their voice mail
  • No please, no thank you, no I look forward to hearing from you (that’s what salespeople say)
  • Stop saying too much (& giving them a reason to not return your call)



  • Stop giving people a reason to not reply to your email
  • Again, keep your message short – very short (as you would appreciate, yourself)
  • Have a compelling Subject line (poke the bear – make it a PAIN point) – be different
  • Do not write paragraphs. Nobody reads paragraphs
  • Make the body of your email about their problem (not your solution) – sell the heartburn (not the Tums)
  • Use bullet points & highlighting (express your point)



  • Always write a personal message (don’t just connect blindly)
  • Make your message short & compelling (not corny & boring)
  • Hi Tommy, thought a couple of ‘80s musicians should connect. Interested?
  • DO NOT SELL in your message


  • Build relationships
  • 5:1 ratio of “giving” to “taking” (one in 5 messages should be a “sales” message – be a giver)
  • Post a few times a week – become known as an expert in your field (be a giver)
  • When you receive engagement it’s OK to ask for a meeting

Let’s work on the real end of the problem. It’s been the problem since the beginning of time.

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