Email: The Easy Way Out!

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A very quick read.

Let’s paint a picture. A juicy deal is pending – a really nice one. We’ll call it ACME Company & your contact is Ralph. You have lots to do (you always have lots to do). A few balls are up in the air & you feel like the world’s best (or worst) juggler. You need to get some quotes out & talk to engineering. You have to talk to accounting really quickly & your boss needs you to call her later in the day – a busy day as usual.

OK, back to Ralph. He asks a good question (on your voice mail or over email) & you have the answer (after all, you always have the answer). What do you do? That’s easy! You e-mail him the answer. It’s quick, painless, efficient & best of all… you don’t have to talk to anyone! Right?


Why in the world do salespeople lean on e-mail like it’s a crutch? Why do some of the most charismatic & energetic people on the planet stoop to typing away. What would cause someone with so much commission on the line to miss out on the opportunity to actually talk to someone? That’s an easy one, too – IT’S EASY! It’s easy to send an e-mail.

Doesn’t make it right, though.

E-mail is convenient. It’s fast & really allows salespeople to “do” a lot throughout the day. email has turned some of the most talented people in existence into some of the laziest people in the company. You know it’s true.

How dare you miss out on the opportunity to build a relationship with your prospect (or current customer). How dare you give someone the chance to mis-interpret your message because she “read it wrong”. How dare you take the easy way out in a profession that pays so handsomely.

You know it’s true.

Don’t think for a minute that we’d suggest you never e-mail. e-mail is necessary. It’s efficient. It saves time. It serves a great purpose. Clearly, geography & pandemics get in the way & some businesses don’t lend themselves to face-to-face contact. Here’s the rub: e-mail was NOT invented to make salespeople lazy. It is NOT intended for you to carry on conversations. Use it properly & watch what happens.

Here’s the context. There are many times in our days when we ask ourselves, “Should I e-mail them, or should I call them?”

Do yourself a favor & commit to doing the right thing. Call them. Does it take more time? Yes. Is it more work? Possibly. Deep down in your gut do you know that it’s the right thing to do? If you are being completely honest with yourself, you know the answer.

Do the right thing.

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