Not Another Voice Mail!

Hate voice mail? Everybody does. Get over it. It’s not going anywhere. As companies continue to downsize & right-size, voice mail is the Administrative Assistant of old & has been for a long while. The Gate Keeper. Andimage of phone with the words "Voice Mail" over it for blog post on how to get a call back in sales your prospects use it beautifully.

You probably use voice mail too, so relax & think about what you are saying. Think about everything you say on that voice mail message. Think about how long it takes. Think about the pain your prospect has to endure listening to the entire thing. Think about how many times it’s deleted before it’s completely listened to. Hurts, doesn’t it?

Question: Would you return your own voice mail message? If not, take note of these 12 zingers.

1. The purpose of a voice mail message is to get a callback, period. That’s it. Get a callback.

2. Your job is NOT TO SELL on the voice mail message (refer to #1). How many times do you say too much? You’re DUMPING & it’s not necessary. It’s killing you.

3. Do not ever sound like a salesperson. Ditch the enthusiasm. Get rid of the pandering. They can spot you being “overly nice” a mile away. Stop saying “Yes.” Lighten up on the “please & thank yous” (salespeople do that stuff).

4. Be short & sweet & get out of their voice mail. Less is best. Try this: “Hi Gordie, Dave Tear here. 2 4 8 – 5 1 4 – 4 2 8 2 Give me a quick shout. Say your phone number slowly & clearly – as if you were writing it in the air.

5. Do not give them a reason to not call you back. #4 does not give them a reason to not call back. Will everyone return the call? No way. But if you say a lot more chances are you will give them a reason not to call back.

6. Arouse curiosity. If they think to themselves, “Hmm… I wonder what Dave wants?” that’s a good thing. Let ‘em wonder.

7. Be different & creative. Try this: Hi Gordie, Dave Tear here. 2 4 8 – 5 1 4 – 4 2 8 2. Wanted to make sure you got the information about the… (hang up on yourself) . . . it’s gutsy, but it works.

8. What’s in it for them? If (& that’s a big if) there is a benefit to them to call you back it’s OK to say so (timing, specific information, data, etc.). But don’t think you have to do this on every voice mail.

9. Be confident. Speak with authority (professionally). Don’t be wimpy or meek. Speak as if you deserve a callback. Remember, no pandering. And if you say “Call me at your earliest convenience… I look forward to speaking with you” I WILL REMOVE YOU FROM THIS BLOG DISTRIBUTION LIST.

10. Warm up the call. If you have a mutual connection or if you spoke to someone in their organization or were referred to them by someone, by all means, mention them. It warms it up.

11. Be prepared. They will call back. If you bumble & stumble to remember what you called about you will appear unprofessional.

12. The Double Bang Theory (phone & email). If you have their email address as well as their phone number, use both – with the same message.

Email: Hi Gordie. Dave Tear here. I left you a quick voice mail message this morning. When is the best day & time to call you?
Hi Gordie. Dave Tear here. 2 4 8 – 5 1 4 – 4 2 8 2. I sent you a quick email this morning. When is the best day & time to call you?

Will these suggestions get you 100% returned calls? No. But your call-back percentage will increase. This is like sheet music. You have to play something – just not too much. Give them a try. See how they sound. Mold them into your own style & personality.

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