8 Characteristics your Boss Wants to See in Salespeople

blog image of gold number eight for 8 Characteristics your Boss Want to See in SalespeopleA life-long study of sales, selling, salespeople & anything related to the wonderful world of helping people make decisions has been a blast! As you might expect, we have run into quite a few sales organizations. A few things are constant among most of these organizations.

There are some common characteristics that sales leaders look for in their salespeople. You could say that there is definitely some overlap.

We’ve identified eight characteristics that sales leaders want to see in a salesperson — eight that overlap the most. Safe to say that if you have these eight characteristics, your boss will fight to keep you! The last thing she wants is to have you working for the competitor. So, here is that list.

8 Characteristics Employers Want to See in Salespeople


1. Has the Right Attitude

Bring a good attitude with you every day.  You pick the attitude you bring with you every single day. Leave the “head trash” & all other garbage at home — who likes a negative person?

2. Adds Value to the Company

Last we checked there are two ways to add value to a company.

1. You can make them money.

2. You can save them money.

Salespeople are on the making money team. If you sell & do it consistently at profitable margins why would anyone let you go?

3. Takes Charge of Their Personal Life

Managers aren’t counselors. They are not trained for it.  Everybody has problems. You’d be wise not to bring them to work with you. We all have the colleague that can’t believe her daughter didn’t make the cheerleading team or whose son didn’t play on the power play in last night’s game. George Carlin was right: nobody cares (but you).

4. Is Open to Change

There are three words when it comes to change: DEAL WITH IT. Stop complaining. When your company stops changing that’s when you should worry.

5. Works Smarter & More efficiently

Who at your company writes something down, copies it somewhere else & then enters it (a 3rd time)? Who in your organization has not embraced technology? These are intended to help us work smarter. Stop duplicating efforts. The 80’s & 90’s are over & they aren’t coming back

6. Communicates Honestly

Yes, it’s on the list. It will always be on the list. Never, ever compromise integrity. Do the right thing. Keep your nose clean. Be honest. Step up. Don’t fudge numbers (there are no secrets).

7. Is Willing & Able to Accept a Leadership Role

After observing sales organizations & salespeople for 28 years, it is amazing how few salespeople are willing to lead. Guarantee: your organization could use more leaders. Not more bosses or managers. More leaders. There’s a difference & you know it.

8. Continues to Learn (Continuing Education)

Another shocker. So few people are life-learners of their craft. You should know more about your industry, your product, your competitors & your sales profession than anyone. You are competing with salespeople that refuse to learn. You all know the person (hopefully not in your office…but likely is…) that has 20 years in the business. But, upon further inspection, it’s clear they have one year 20 times. Dead on the vine.

This is a great list. Can you imagine if you were the person at your company that epitomized it? There would be no way that your boss would ever let you go. It’s a great position to be in. The best thing about it — most of them don’t even require any work. It’s all between the ears — the six inches between your ears.

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