Charisma! A Great Quality To Have


Have you ever missed out on a deal because you had too much charisma? Doubt it

A better question would be, have you ever missed out on one because you lacked charisma? Much more likely.

What is Charisma?

Charisma is the ability to influence others positively by connecting with them physically, emotionally or intellectually.  It’s a compelling attractiveness (not necessarily physical attractiveness) or charm that can inspire devotion in people. It can be revealed only during interaction with others.

Does everybody have Charisma?

Yes, everybody you have ever met has Charisma.  Some say we are born with or without it – not!  We all have it. It’s not “wired” the same way in you as it is in another person – but we all have it.

7 Components of Charisma

  1. Your Silent Message

You “tell” people about yourself before you open your mouth. This is your “silent message”.  It’s the way you carry yourself – physically, emotionally & intellectually. This is also called your “posture” (not the way you stand) the way you carry yourself. You’ve seen 2 people enter a room & you form an opinion about each of them before they even say 1 word. Silent message – work on it – it’s critical.

  1. Your Ability to Speak Well

You may have the greatest idea in the world, but who will know it if you can’t articulate it well? Pay attention to how you speak – work on it daily. Have you ever heard a person absolutely BOMB a joke because they can’t articulate well? Enough said. Listen to great comedians. Their power comes from timing – which is related to their ability to pause. It’s all about the beautifully placed pause.

  1. Your Listening Skills

Listening skills are almost never taught. Listening is such an important key to communicating & making others feel special around you. Take a deep breath, pause, count to three & learn to shut up!

  1. Your Persuasive Talent

Your ability to motivate others to follow your lead & adopt your idea. No idea (however great it is) ever gets anywhere until it’s adopted. Be cool – nobody wants to “know” they are being persuaded. We’ll call it a gentle nudge. Remember, it’s OK to suggest that people come to “your side” – gently nudge them – not hard sell.

  1. Your Use of Space & Time

How you honor or violate another person’s personal space & time will have a direct effect on the amount of trust or miss-trust between the two of you. First off, don’t be late, ever. It’s rude. Next, not too close, not too far. In our part of the world – under normal circumstances –  18” to 2 feet is ideal.

  1. Your Ability to Adapt to Others

People (& prospects) get whatever personalities they want. If it’s important enough to you then you will need to treat others the way they want to be treated. Pay attention to what they do, say, mirror & match them & do it right – otherwise it looks contrived. Do you treat the maintenance person any different than you do the CEO? Charismatic people don’t.

  1. Your Vision, Your Ideas

What do you feel passionately about? What do you really, really care about? What do you love? You will never help anyone change their minds or ideas & take action if you don’t feel strongly about it yourself. It’s OK to have a position, a stance. No need to preach it everywhere you go, but charismatic people have a vision.

It’s one of the best qualities a person can possess – let alone a salesperson. Work on it.

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