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Why are you in sales? For the money

By Dave Tear | April 27, 2015

One of the most important things I have to do (as a sales trainer/coach) is to determine what motivates my clients. Sometimes that’s easy to do – other times, not so much. The question is an easy one to ask: “Why are you in sales?” The hard part (for some salespeople) is the answer. I have […]

​Act Like You’ve Been There. Avoid These Rookie Sales Mistakes

By Dave Tear | April 13, 2015

The hockey community (& other sports communities) have a phrase: “Act like you’ve been there!” This is intended for the rookies. It’s an attitude that serves these rookies well – if they live up to it. Easier said than done for many. How often do you see a rookie in any sport make on-the-field (or off-the-field) mistakes? […]

What they Don’t Teach Salespeople in School

By Dave Tear | March 30, 2015

A previous blog mentioned that colleges & universities are finally getting around to offering Sales & Selling as a major. I said it before, ‘bout time. It will be great to have grads coming out of school with the intellectual capacity to understand what happens in sales. True, they will know about sales. Yes, will […]

Nobody Wants to be Sold. People Want to Buy.

By Dave Tear | March 9, 2015

It has only been in recent years that colleges & universities in the U.S. have offered majors in the career of sales. ‘Bout time!  That means for most all of us we “happened to end up in sales”. We found ourselves in this career. We learned “as we went along”, on the streets. The real […]

Who is your #1 sales Motivator?

By Dave Tear | February 23, 2015

For some salespeople the answer is obvious. For others, not so much. Do your sales leaders a favor. Don’t put them in a position of having to constantly motivate you. It’s exhausting, it’s distracting & it doesn’t work! It’s a fact. Motivation (for a long period of time) does not work. Oh sure, your boss […]

It’s 2015. How will your sales strategy change?

By Dave Tear | January 6, 2015

This won’t be one of those corny blogs that attempts to motivate you and tell you what a great year this will be. That’s up to you. What I will do is ask: What’s going to be different this year? If you are not happy in your sales role; if you are not making the money […]

Nobody Wants to See a Salesperson Between the Holidays, Right?

By Dave Tear | December 9, 2014

That’s a Bunch of Bull! How many salespeople do you know that think no one wants to see a salesperson between the holidays, and go on cruise control between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day? How many companies do you know of that actually admit to winding things down right about now? It’s very common and […]

STOP Getting Ready to Get Ready

By Dave Tear | October 21, 2014

Salespeople, does this look familiar . . . ? You arrive at work. Grab a cup of coffee. Talk to a few people in the lunch room. On the way back to your office or cube you stop & talk to two more people to complain about the Detroit Lions. Finally sit down at your […]

I Just Want My Customers & Prospects to Like Me

By Dave Tear | September 23, 2014

Are you a “people-person”? Do you like people? Do you love ‘em? Lots of salespeople say they do. Watch them in action & it’s painfully obvious that they do. Painfully? What’s so painful about a salesperson liking her prospect? What’s so wrong with really loving your customers? Well, let’s dig into that one for a […]

Mad Men Ain’t Selling . . . it’s Telling

By Dave Tear | September 22, 2014

Spend an hour watching Mad Men and you will definitely be entertained! AMC does a great job capturing what it was like to live and work in the ’60s (so they tell me). The ‘60s was an interesting decade. People smoked in the office, drank in the office, pregnant women smoked and drank, and innuendo […]