The New P. D. C. (not Parts Distribution Center)

Most of us know PDC as Parts Distribution center. A common acronym in quite a few industries. Makes sense. But we have a new one for you:


These are 3 must-have ingredients for superstar salespeople.

Ever wonder why Ben (the technical whiz) has a hard time hitting his numbers ever month?  Why doesn’t Leah (20 years industry experience) knock the cover off the ball every single year?  How come Evan (masters degree in business) has yet to ever hit his numbers?

Good chance these people (who are all clearly technically capable & competent) don’t have the key ingredients to be successful in sales: P  D  C.

PASSION: A strong affection, love, enthusiasm for Does Evan love this business? Is Leah in sales because she craves the thrill of victory (& can’t stand to lose)? How about Ben? Is his enthusiasm for selling or does he get his rocks off on the technical side of the business? is he always in the office, working on quotes, getting ready to get ready? Where’s the Passion? Many times it is in the wrong area (for sales success). Needs to be in opening & closing business – selling. 

DESIRE: A wish or longing for; a craving Simply put: Why they want it (success). Why they want. Why they want money. We see it all the time – some salespeople just don’t want it bad enough. It’s not important enough to them. Their desire for success does not match yours & that’s an awkward existence. Equally as awkward is when a salesperson’s measurement of success (sales, income, etc.) is mediocre at best. They think $X is good (or good enough). The ability for you to find salespeople with desire is so critical. We’re talking about fire in the belly. 

COMMITMENT: The act of committing, engaging and being involved If Desire is “Why they want success” then Commitment is “What they will do to get success”. AKA: work ethic. What time do they start their work day?  What time does it end? Since salespeople don’t punch a clock what do they do with their day to put themselves in a position to succeed?  The superstars do what it takes – every day – no exceptions. Have you ever felt like your commitment to Ben’s success was greater than his own commitment to his success? Awkward feeling isn’t it. You wonder things like, “Why doesn’t Ben answer emails after 6 PM?” “Why doesn’t Leah return texts on the weekend?” Not hard to understand – no commitment. The hard thing is what to do about it.

In all cases it starts with hiring better salespeople. You have to search for PDC. It makes a lot of sense to screen or assess sales candidates. Pre-hire screenings & assessments are worth more than you can imagine. The hard truth is that PDC doesn’t come out in an interview. All salespeople will say they want to be successful. They all work hard. Their resume was written by a stranger, They are trained to answer interview questions by people who do not know them. Question is: In the interview why do you get Brad Pitt . . . & 3 months later on the job you have Rodney Dangerfield?

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