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Sales: What They Don’t Teach You in School

By Dave Tear | August 24, 2016

You’ve heard of the “school of hard knocks”: The (sometimes painful) education you get from life’s usually negative experiences, often contrasted with formal education. It’s reality. It’s when your mom & dad used to say, “Welcome to the real world.” There are few professions other than sales that experience this “school” every single day – & […]

Spotting Liars in Sales

By Dave Tear | August 9, 2016

Things to look out for if you think you’re being lied to Ok, so “lying” is a strong word. Shall we say misled? Perhaps “mis-truthed”? Whatever you want to call it — it doesn’t feel good. In all my years in Sales Training & Coaching, not one single person has ever told me they like […]

Fall on Your Sword

By Dave Tear | July 26, 2016

An effective way to build credibility and mend a bad relationship in sales   Fall on Your Sword: Definition: To voluntarily take the blame or responsibility for a situation. Here’s the Scenario: A customer or two is singing to a different sheet of music than you are. Maybe it’s the way they resent your pricing. Could be […]

Are You the Best?

By Dave Tear | July 13, 2016

  A great question to ask yourself: If I am not the best thing my prospects & customers have ever seen then why do they need me? Fact is, they don’t. In July of 2016 (right now) your products & services are better than ever. Technology is faster than ever. Quality is top-notch. Engineers are […]

People Buy from People they are Comfortable With

By Dave Tear | June 28, 2016

  A common thing to say in sales is, “People buy from people they like.” True. Another over-used phrase: “People buy from people they trust.” Can’t argue that. Like and trust are important things to strive for in sales. They are good end game goals. But you don’t start there. You start by helping people […]

What You Say Matters

By Dave Tear | June 14, 2016

Every once in awhile, it’s not what you say that matters – it’s how you say it. Then there are times when what you say matters – really matters. Sometimes you know it immediately, “Oh no, shouldn’t have said that.” “Why did I just say that?” “Uh oh, I can’t take that one back.” A […]

No Excuses!

By Dave Tear | May 31, 2016

We all have that perfect sales guy in our office. “That guy.” The guy that never makes a mistake. Always does things right. His customers love him. He’s the greatest guy in the world (just ask him). He closes just about everything he touches. And when he doesn’t, it’s never his fault. Let’s call this […]

Rejection in Sales: Goes with the Territory

By Dave Tear | May 17, 2016

Did you know that by the time you were 6 years old you heard, saw & lived through 1,000,000 impressions of rejection— 1,000,000 impressions of the word NO. That’s six zeros! You did. Mom, can we go to McDonalds? NO. Dad, can I stay out past the street lights tonight? Nope. Mom & Dad, can […]

Got Guts?

By Dave Tear | May 3, 2016

If I Could Be Gutsier in Sales! Spend a few decades training & coaching salespeople & you see patterns develop. One that rings loudly is the tendency for some to take the easy way out, to not go for it. As a mentor of mine used to say, to Wimp Out. With that in mind […]

Get to Reality Quickly!

By Dave Tear | April 19, 2016

In sales, there is no better advice than to get on with it (or get off of it) as soon as possible. How much time do you spend on opportunities that never pan out? How much time & how many brain cells get toasted spent hoping a deal comes through. How many real opportunities get […]