How Bad do you Want it?






Success. That’s what we’re talking about here. How bad do you want success?

Stupid question? Maybe. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that says they don’t want it. We surround ourselves with salespeople, & that’s one cast of characters that definitely say they want success. They want it. They need it. They deserve it. They’ve earned it. We’ve heard ‘em all. Funny thing is, what they say often flies in the complete opposite direction of what they do.

We’ve never met a salesperson that doesn’t say they work hard, really hard. A common one is, “I work my ass off for this company!” Really? Then we watch what time they schedule their first appointment, what time they arrive in the office, how much time they spend at lunch, what time they schedule their last appointment, what time they leave for the day. What they say isn’t even close to what they do.

How many salespeople in the contiguous 48 states do you think want to make more money? That’s easy, all of them! Every single salesperson we’ve ever dealt with says they want to make more money than last year. A lot more. In fact, most can’t stop bitching about their income every time you speak to them. Then, we watch how much time they spend at current (familiar) customers that haven’t bought anything new in years. It’s easy & convenient to take “Carl” out to lunch (even though Carl can’t make a decision to save his life … but he’ll talk to us!). They wouldn’t prospect for new business if their life depended on it. Since earning more money depends on it, you might deduce that what they say isn’t even close to what they do.

One of our favorites is the salesperson that says they need to become better at time-management. Interesting, upon deeper inspection, many of these people do the same thing every day, refusing to utilize technology to maximize efficiencies, continuing to do research, quotes & expense reports during “pay time” hours that could be spent with prospects & customers.  When you look into it, what they say isn’t even close to what they do.

Every company has this salesperson… the salesperson that makes an excuse for everything that doesn’t go his way. It’s always the customer’s fault. It’s always “the competition cut their price”. It’s always production’s fault. It’s always a “slow time for the customer”. It’s always “our prices are too high”.  Notice how this guy never, ever, points the finger between his own two eyes? That would mean he’d have to hold himself accountable & be responsible for once. Nope, too hard. Here’s a guy that says he wants to be successful, but what he does shows something else. It’s like watching two different movies!

How bad do you want success? What will you do to get it? The two need to match up. Take a look at every successful person you know. Someone that has worked hard for their success. Earned lots of money. Has cool things. Goes to neat places. The key phrase is “worked hard for their success”. We’re not talking about your friends that were born with money. Some people have a silver spoon in their mouth. If you don’t, how bad do you want it?

Start doing what it takes to get it.

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