The Ultimate List of Things You Should Stop and Start Doing in Sales

Do you ever not feel like not reading a long blog? Paragraph after paragraph… Feels like homework!

Today’s your day.

Check out these lists: things you should stop and start doing in sales

Salespeople please STOP:

  • Talking so much
  • Leaning on canned company powerpoint presentations
  • Saying “Just following up…” or “Just touching base…”
  • Talking to Carl the Clerk (who can’t make a decision to save his life)
  • Selling the gatekeeper (he can’t make a decision either)
  • Talking about WHAT you do
  • Doing quotes & proposals to prospects who are not qualified
  • Waiting for people to call you back
  • Selling on price
  • Going on “social calls” in sales
  • Making friends in sales
  • Trash-talking the competition
  • Leaning on email so much
  • Being a “vendor” or a “supplier”
  • Being a poser… a wannabe
  • Making excuses for a lack of results
  • Taking shortcuts
  • Dumping your information on prospects (educating)
  • Chasing prospects for decisions
  • Complaining about your income

Now let’s START:

  • Understanding WHY your prospect will buy
  • Getting curious… really curious
  • Asking tougher questions
  • Uncovering budgets & target pricing
  • Talking to decision makers
  • Being a partner
  • Asking for introductions & referrals
  • Managing expectations in sales (Ground Rules)
  • Realizing that you are half of the equation in sales (you are worthy)
  • Answering your cell phone & email after hours & on weekends
  • Out-selling your competition
  • Listening
  • Using a system for selling
  • Prospecting for new business
  • Holding yourself accountable
  • Getting comfortable with the word NO
  • Being a professional
  • Being real… & humble
  • Making your family proud that you provide for them
  • Realizing you are in the greatest profession in the world

Have fun.

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