Selling is NOT…


There are plenty of books & blogs & websites & white papers out there that will attempt to tell you what selling is – & how to do it. Selling is solving. Selling is asking. Selling is listening. Selling is service. We get it, selling is a lot of things.

We understand that selling is not a lot of things, too. Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of things that selling is not. Contrary to what far too many people (& some salespeople) believe:

Selling is not:

  • Telling  (Shhh…)
  • Convincing  (You can’t convince anyone of anything – people do things like buying for their reasons)
  • Talking  (Shhhh again)
  • Schmoozing  (It’s not Mad Men in the ‘60s. It’s not the ‘70s or ‘80s for that matter either)
  • Entertaining  (Doesn’t hurt but there is so much more to it)
  • Showing  (Along with telling . . . if that’s all it was anyone could do it)
  • Demonstrating  (There must be a good reason to demonstrate & clearly define what a successful demo looks like)
  • Presenting  (The best presenters are NOT the best Salespeople)
  • A numbers game  (If one more person says that . . .)
  • A dead-end career  (We all know dozens of successful ones that make a great living)
  • Sleazy  (Problem is . . . some Salespeople are & they look sleazy when they do it – ruins it for the rest of us)
  • Over-promising  (That ended the first time a Salesperson over-delivered)
  • Under-delivering  (See Over-promising above)
  • Dialing for dollars  (Some industries get a bad reputation for that . . . )
  • Handling objections  (Again, so much more than that)
  • All about “closing”  (Want to get great at selling? Worry about your “opening”)
  • Low-balling  (Won’t work forever – ask K-Mart)
  • Gouging  (Some salespeople try to – usually comes back to bite ‘em)
  • Only for extroverts  (Some of our most successful clients are introverts)
  • Manipulating  (Not even close! Who likes to be manipulated?)
  • “Us” vs. “Them”  (Feels like that at times. When it turns into a partnership you’ve done it right)

Have you ever thought about the thousands & thousands of Salespeople that preceded us & how they screwed it up for us – by doing it wrong? The 21 items on this list rolled off the tip of this author’s tongue pretty quickly. There is a stereotype out there about Salespeople & it’s not pretty. Let’s do our part to start changing the narrative & build a more positive list – a list we can all be proud of.

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