Sales & Dating; Same Game

Sales and dating

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day let’s do a little comparison between selling & dating.

Two truths to start:

  1. Admittedly this author has not dated in a very, very long time (1991 to be exact)
  2. At least half (if not more) people reading this have never even heard of the TV Game Show, The Dating Game.

Doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that we’re all salespeople AND if you have ever dated you will agree that selling & dating are very
similar. There are common threads woven through each. Very tightly woven.

Not much has changed in the dating game in the last 3 decades. How would I know, you ask? I have kids. I know. Sure,
there are dating apps like Zoosk, eharmony & Elite Singles. Then there are “hook up apps”like Hinge, Tinder &

These apps do all the prospecting for you. Any salesperson would appreciate the prospecting being done for them!

Let’s be clear, we’re talking about dating. Getting to know someone. Developing a relationship. Courting, if you will.
All the stuff that happens after you meet (app or no app)

Same game.

While dating . . .

  1. Would you ever “beg your way in”just to be able to present your wears?
  2. Would you ever be so available to go to dinner, a movie, a bar, etc. at your date’s beck & call on short notice (it screams of desperation)?
  3. Would you ever pander, be overly nice, unnaturally nice . . . even for you?
  4. Would you ever “hope to God”that your date said yes to another date (or it would ruin your weekend)?
  5. Would you ever try to convince your date that you are the one for them (making a fool of yourself)?
  6. Would you ever blow up your date’s phone, texting incessantly, following up on your last date, hoping for another one?
  7. Would you ever not take NO for an answer & be a complete doormat in hopes to win your date over?
  8. Would you ever lower yourself to “discount your worth” because your date asked you to?

The $64,000 question? Then, why do you do it in sales? Same game. Step yours up. And Happy Valentine’s Day

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