Peddler or Pro?

There’s not a salesperson or sales manager reading this blog that will ever admit that they give the impression that they are a peddler — as opposed to a professional salesperson. Not a chance. But some of you do.

Peddler: a person who goes from place to place selling goods.

Professional Salesperson: a person who solves problems & offers solutions.

You’ve gotta be saying right now, Yep, that’s me… professional salesperson. I’m good… just ask me.

No need to argue with you on that. Let’s just go ahead and take a little survey. Here are 14 items that separate the Peddler from the Pro. If you can be ridiculously honest with yourself as you go down the list I promise to never tell anyone (they already know).


  • Thinks “curious” is a buying signal
  • Tries to make a sale
  • Handles objections (canned)
  • Stereotypes the prospect (prequalifies)
  • Gives the same “sales pitch” to every prospect
  • Believes it when prospects say TIO (think it over)
  • Stresses Features & Benefits
  • Sees prospect as an “opponent” – wants the “Win”
  • Views price as the main issue
  • Does 70% + of the talking
  • Does bids, quotes & proposals (to everyone)
  • Tries hard to “Close” business
  • Dumps information in the prospects lap
  • Chases prospects for a decision


  • Hears the word curious & knows it’s time to go to work
  • Tries to understand the problem & develop a solution
  • Brings up common objections & builds credibility
  • Never pre-qualifies – but gets to reality quickly
  • Treats every prospect differently & customizes solutions
  • Realizes TIO means NO most of the time
  • Stresses qualifying questions
  • Sees prospects as eventual partners (everybody Wins)
  • Views total cost as key (sells the value)
  • Does 70% of the listening
  • Offers quotes & proposals to qualified opportunities
  • Concentrates on opening business properly
  • Asks good (sometimes tough) questions
  • Sets expectations for when decisions will be made

Definition of Professional Selling:

Your solution, your price, your terms – BOTH SIDES HAPPY




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