How Competitive are You?

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A little competition never hurt anyone. A lot of competition helps salespeople enormously!

The best thing about a superstar salesperson? Her competitive spirit. She loves to win. But, more importantly, she hates to lose. Can’t stand it!

Competitiveness is a top 3 quality for salespeople. Show us somebody that abhors losing a game of cards, a game of pickleball, a beer-league hockey game . . . or a parking spot for that matter & you can be sure that person will do his damnedest to not lose the deal. We’ll take him on our sales team any day of the week. That’s a winner.

The salespeople that hate to lose will do what it takes to win deals. They fight. They dig. They work hard (harder than their competition). They’re impatient. They have that figure-it-out-factor that we wish we could teach.

If you played sports growing up, you were introduced to the concept of competition. Now that you are older, & might have kids of your own, you can appreciate the competitive kids on their teams. Some kids have talent. Some kids have spirit. Some kids are smart. Some kids are competitive. All are necessary to win . . . but don’t you love watching the incredibly competitive ones? Me too.

Think of the successful salespeople at your company. Now, consider the really successful salespeople in your industry. You know who they are. You compete with them. Are they always the most talented? Do they have the most product knowledge? Do they have the best territories? Are their products drastically different than yours? All four answers start with an N & end with an O.

Do you know what one of their greatest characteristics is? That’s it, they’re competitive.

Can you be too competitive? Not in sales you can’t. What if people call you aggressive? Let ‘em. You are assertive (not aggressive) – & assertiveness is a fine quality to have in sales.

Like we said, a little competition never hurt anyone. A lot of competition helps salespeople enormously!

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