Goodbye 2022

goodbye 2022

This is no Happy New Year blog. Not gonna do it. Too many of those floating around social media this week.

This is a Goodbye Old Year blog.

Let’s say Goodbye to all the crap that got in your way in 2022. You know, all the B.S. that kept you from reaching your sales goals. This is gonna be a gut-check. You up for it? An AP Top 25 if you will!

  1. Goodbye excuses Your boss isn’t buying the “crappy economy” card anymore
  2. Goodbye over use of emailPick up the phone & call people
  3. Goodbye same ole boring voicemail messagesBe creative & stop giving people a reason to NOT call back
  4. Goodbye to coastingYou know you can do more. You know you can do better. So does your boss
  5. Goodbye to sending EVERYONE a quoteQuotes go to qualified deals only, so getstingy with them
  6. Goodbye to waiting for an email or the phone to ringCreate your own sales opportunities
  7. Goodbye standard & boring email Subject LinesBe compelling & make people want to reply
  8. Goodbye to being satisfiedDo you want more? What will you do to get it?
  9. Goodbye to talking to low level people (Carl the Clerk) Fight to get to decision makers
  10. Goodbye to immediately lowering the priceStand firm. Sell value. You are worth it
  11. Goodbye to “leading with price” Try starting with engineering, advanced engineering, quality, etc.
  12. Goodbye to blaming the leadsWhat would you do if there was no MKT Dept. & there were no leads?
  13. Goodbye to feeling sorry for yourselfHold yourself accountable & point that finger right between your eyes
  14. Goodbye to chasing prospects for decisionsSet solid Ground Rules for when you will get a Y or N decision
  15. Goodbye to staying in the office/home officeGet out & see people (you are so much better in person)
  16. Goodbye to PowerPoint presentations with a picture of headquarters (or the plant) on the cover page
  17. Goodbye to talking 80+ % of the time on sales calls Your job is to listen & gather information
  18. Goodbye to being afraid to ask for referrals/introductions because they might say NOWho cares?
  19. Goodbye to complaining about your bossYour success is up to you, not your boss
  20. Goodbye to showing up at 9AM & leaving at 5PM & not thinking about work until the next morning
  21. Goodbye to avoiding the budget conversation because you know your product is more expensive
  22. Goodbye to “wishing you had a better territory”It’s not the territory & you know it
  23. Goodbye to feeling like a “stalker” when you follow up on deals that are not qualifiedAsk the right Qs
  24. Goodbye to talking about the same 2-3 deals all quarter long because you hate prospectingGet over it
  25. Goodbye 2022It was nice knowing you, but I’ve got things to do differently this year
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