Fact is: Selling is Hard. PERIOD!

Selling is Hard

Raise your hand if you got into sales for the freedom. For the money. Because of your personality. Or, like most of us,
because you fell into it, “just because.”

That’s OK. Just means we’re all normal.

Keep your hand up if after all these years, months or weeks you have realized that selling is hard.

That’s OK, too. We’re still normal.

Don’t let anyone (that knows what they are talking about) ever tell you that sales is an easy career. It’s not.

If it were that easy, then why doesn’t everybody do it? Why is there an accounting department? For the professionals
in accounting. An HR department? For the professionals in HR. A production department? For the professionals on
the floor.

Believe me, that is a list of just 3 departments that are happy as hell to not be in sales! They know – it’s too hard.

Once you are into this career it starts to dawn on you:

  • Oh, I have to go out & talk to strangers that don’t want to talk to me about something they don’t want to buy?
  • Eww, & I have to get up tomorrow & do the same thing again?
  • Hmm, I have to put up with people (clients/customers) that I wouldn’t spend 10 seconds with, in a social setting?
  • Geeze, I have to ask people about their money? I was told that was none of my business the first 18 years of my life
  • Shucks, I have to pretend that Carl is a powerful decision maker yet sometimes figure out a way to get to the real decision maker(s)?
  • Uh oh, You mean I have to ask tough questions? But I’m a nice person.
  • Wait, I will sometimes have to battle with my production or quality department to stick up for my customer?
  • Hold on, I have to justify my pricing in an economy that is ridden with inflation?
  • Slow down, I have to raise prices in these circumstances?
  • Serious, I have to keep my cell phone on during evenings & weekends? I have a family.
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