Dave Tear is the ultimate sales coach. Every olympic athlete has a coach, and someone who is serious about their sales career needs one as well. Dave understands the sales game better than anyone, and will help you increase your performance and efficiency. Highly recommend for anyone who is looking to take their sales efforts to the next level.
Josh Linkner, CEO Detroit Venture Partners
Sales Coaches’ Corner has given our company a systematic way for qualifying customers and ensuring their success across all aspects of our company. By training not only our sales staff, but also marketing and customer support we are all now on the same sheet of music. From our advertising to customer meetings our methods are the same. It is amazing the turnaround in our teams by having everyone pulling in the same direction. Dave’s energy and passion has made the message stick with our staff and we are seeing the rewards of that every day.
Scott Van Hoven RJG, Inc.
If you're looking for someone to push a few pieces of paper in front of you, show you a fancy Powerpoint, and expect you to improve your sales potential, Sales Coaches' Corner is NOT the company for you. But, if you want to change the way you approach your clients, take control of the sales process, and improve the quality of business you bring in, Dave Tear and the Sales Coaches' Corner is the right choice.
Paul Chambers, CEO Element5 Digital
We chose SCC for many reasons. SCC was flexible and understanding of our needs. Other companies seemed to struggle in that area. SCC successfullly taught the CBIS Team very valuable sales techniques that we are utilizing to be more productive. These tools will be used for a lifetime and will increase each person's success in communicating, understanding and in making sales. Dave Tear made the training classes interesting and fun, so our Team was anxious for the next session.
Patricia Shall, Owner Creative Benefits & Insurance Solutions
We initially chose SCC due to several differentiating factors over competing programs. Dave Tear’s high energy and grounded approach have allowed us to take a step back and evaluate our strategic sales efforts. Dave not only provides a very relevant structured approach, but also draws parallels to our current “sales dilemmas” and works hand in hand to guide us to a successful outcome. I would highly recommend SCC to any company looking for “tough love” and a personalized approach when it comes to continuous improvement of your sales efforts and team. I look forward to a continued relationship with SCC.
Andy Jesudowich, Sales Operations Manager imc DataWorks
We were aware that our sales team was very knowledgeable about our products and services and we spend a lot of effort training and keeping up to date. What was missing was a focus on the craft of sales. Dave has helped to motivate and reinforce the good habits and skills that were already in place. More importantly he breaks down the sales process so our people could see where effort, focus and time were being wasted. Avoiding a “no” is not a sale. It’s worse than a “no” as it distracts our people from those who are interested. We’re seeing results as the school of hard knocks can only get you so far.
Karl W. Albrecht CEBS Action Benefits Company