Sales Coaching

What Is Our Sales Coaching All About?

Sales Coaching is where it’s at! It’s where the selling skills are built. We coach a systematic way to stay in control of the selling process. Coaching is where it all comes together! One-on-one or in a group our clients ask questions that won’t come in a training session. We dig deeper into specific selling challenges that don’t necessarily pertain to the larger group.

Have you ever called a “Help Desk” with a question? Same concept. Our clients have 24/7 access to our Sales Coaches to ask questions, develop strategies & talk things over. Often this is done in preparation for a big sales call. At times it’s after an important sales call – planning for what happens next.

Look to us in a similar manner that you would use a “personal trainer” at the gym. It’s not easy, we’re tough – it has to be that way if you want it to work!

Sales Coaching Services We Offer

Sales Coaching

  • Group
  • One-on-One
  • Telephone Strategy
  • Advice
  • Couseling

Sales Management Coaching

  • VP of Sales
  • Director of Sales
  • Sales Managers


Ready to get in the game?

Pre Sales Call Strategy

  • Quick re-cap of what to do
  • Remember What We Practiced

Post Call De-briefing

  • Dissect the appointment
  • Learn from Mistakes
  • Improvement Planning


  • Having a plan
  • Tracking sales behaviors
  • Improvement Planning